Rediscovering Biblical Manhood

The Series

Become a

Biblical Man

Join Jay and Chicka as they discuss what a Prodigal Husband is and how to return home from one. These episodes cover the cleaving together of a couple, the daily act of dying to your wife in love and faith, and the act of pursuing holiness with her as opposed to personal happiness.

Join Jay and Chicka as they talk about the intense righteous and unrighteous rage that men feel and how to deal with it. So many of us feel such rage that we can’t even tell what causes it anymore. These episodes go over how to use your anger, the mindset with which to approach it, and the differences between righteous and unrighteous anger.

Join Jay and Chicka as they discuss the rights of passage that men used to have and how we can reinstate them for our boys becoming men today. These episodes talk about the initiation from boyhood to manhood, the dangers of a lack of initiation, the chemical soup that a maturing man’s brain may become, and allowing Father God to mentor us into biblical manhood.

These are Jay and Chicka’s standalone episodes about various topics of the faith and of manhood.

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