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Living Life Backwards


Living Life Backward (LLB) is a study of the Book of Ecclesiastes and outlines what it means to live life in light of our coming death.  The book breaks down every chapter of Ecclesiastes, highlighting Solomon’s teachings about materialism, spiritualism, pride, money, sex, and life’s true meaning and nature.  LLB is an incredible read, as relevant today as it was 3,000 years ago.  The book also includes helpful discussion questions at the end of each chapter, either for personal reflection or a small group study.  As part of the read, you will cover every verse of Ecclesiastes.  Living Life Backward is an excellent book to read and study with a community of like-minded believers.


  • Our life is a “wisp of smoke” over in an instant.
  • True happiness and peace come from understanding the “short” nature of life. Living backward from the day of our death, so we do not arrive at the end broken and bitter but end joyful and glad for the life we have lived and the lives we have touched.
  • Accepting the true nature of life on this earth, we can confidently set aside the material desires of our hearts, embracing the life God has purposed for us. The end of the book is profound and straightforward; the purpose of life is to, as Solomon says at the end of his writing, love God, fear God, do what he says (Eccl. 12:13-14). Jesus is even more succinct: “follow me…and I will make you fishers of people.” (Matthew 4:19).
  • Love God, serve God, obey God. That is our solemn duty and the key to living a fulfilled, joyful life.
  • God wants us to enjoy all aspects of the earth in the context of His Word (Genesis 1:28).



“You gain nothing from grinding your fingers to the bone, because the world will go on impervious to what you’ve done, and it will not remember you anyway.”

“Death can radically enable us to enjoy life.”

“…we use our times to seek satisfaction rather than living in the times God has given and so receiving satisfaction from Him as a gift. Satisfaction comes when you know you are a time-bound creature and God is the eternal Creator.”

“Look forward to the day of your death and ask yourself, what kind of person should I be? For one day I will be dead.”

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