Rediscovering Biblical Manhood


Our Sincere, Heartfelt Thoughts on the Joys of Frivolity

At Rediscovering Biblical Manhood, we constantly ask the following:

How are we meant to not only live, but enjoy the random, sporadic glee and joy that is born of a moment in the Lord and a moment of pure fun before Jesus?

How are we to relax, unwind, and have fun when it seems all such methods defined by culture separate us from the Lord and His teachings on life?


Our Powerful, Deep-Seated Feelings About “The Word”

At Rediscovering Biblical Manhood, throughout our journey towards uncovering the “true” meaning of Biblical masculinity, we ponder ideas such as the following:

How are we meant to treat the Bible in an era where we are scoffed at for holding it to be the errant, inspired Word of God?

How are we to treat learning and living by it in an era where its teachings are thought of as old fashioned and bad?


Are you aware of the importance of “Real Men”?

At Rediscovering Biblical Manhood, we never cease to delve into the idea that “real men” are extremely important to keeping our society in order.

How are we meant to have examples of what to live like in an era where real men are scarce and rare?

Are there any more out there, whether past or present, that we can glean knowledge and wisdom from?


Do you place importance on the idea of “Sexual Purity”?

At Rediscovering Biblical Manhood, we are consistently trying to reclaim the essence of the roots of Christian masculinity.

How are men meant to handle our sexuality in a culture where it is considered a part of our core identity and where temptations lie around every corner at all times?

Are we meant to lie down and take the assault on one of God’s greatest gifts, marriage, or defend and protect it at all costs, uplifting and assisting others who do the same?


An Authentic, Vivid Look at the concept of Warring Prayers

At Rediscovering Biblical Manhood, on the downtrodden path towards achieving authentic masculinity, we frequently deliberate over a unique concept:

What does it mean to warfully and completely pray to the Lord in this time of postmodernism?

What does it mean to ideally perform this action in a world continuously distracted by everything we own?


A Strong, Biblical Approach to Apologetics

At Rediscovering Biblical Manhood, we are persistent in uncovering the essence of masculinity in the image of God.

How are we meant to handle apologetics in a Postmodern, secular, humanistic world? The masses value their feelings above truth.

How do we, or rather, how should we talk to a non-Christian about Jesus in the 21st century?


Our Stunning, Innovative Approach Towards Christian Living

At Rediscovering Biblical Manhood, we steadily find new ways to explore the intersection between Faith and Manhood.

What does it really mean to live life as a Christian man?

How are we meant to handle the everyday joys and struggles that life throws at us? There are nearly infinite possibilities; we are faced with morally consequential decisions, such as marriage, kids, family, pornography, purpose, adventure…the list goes on.


How do we achieve “Manhood” in the 21st Century?

At Rediscovering Biblical Manhood, we are constantly in pursuit of Biblical integrity; a true journey of rediscovery.

What is manhood in the 21st century? How should men pursue it within the culture of “Toxic Masculinity”? We live in the Era of the Castrated Man. The very idea of showing masculinity is rebuked by those around us. How should men deal with this?