Rediscovering Biblical Manhood

Meet Us!

Meet the Hosts!

Jay Teresi (Co-Host)

A long-time friend of Chicka, follower of Jesus, and observer of Manhood principles.

Jay is passionate about seeing Biblical Manhood restored, reintroducing the “Manhood” initiation back into the raising of the next generation of men, and helping uninitiated men restore their hearts and find their identity in Jesus. Jay is a dad, businessman, very part-time golfer, lover of books,  lover of Double Bacon Cheeseburgers, and a lifelong helper of those who claim Jesus. One of his utmost desires is to help believers find out what and why they believe, and to restore to them a biblical sense of manhood and identity in Christ.

Chicka Elloy (Co-Host)

An Aussie-American who adores Jesus, his wife, and his life. Jay’s sidekick and hype man.

Chicka gets fired up whenever the human spirit returns to is genesis in Jesus Christ. As a life long educator and learning practitioner, he is passionate about seeing the spiritual maturity of boys turn into that of men. Professionally, Chicka gets to lead People and Culture in the corporate world, and personally, he loves to travel, be active, and build memories with his girls.

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