Rediscovering Biblical Manhood

Day: January 3, 2023


The Joys of Frivolity

How are we meant to not only live, but enjoy the random, sporadic glee and joy that is born of a moment in the Lord and a moment of pure fun before Jesus? How are we to relax, unwind, and have fun when it seems all such methods defined by culture separate us from the Lord and His teachings on life?


The Word

How are we to treat the Bible in an era where we are scoffed at for holding it to be the errant, inspired Word of God? How are we to treat learning and living by it in an era where it’s teachings are thought of as old fashioned and bad?


Real Men Living

How are we meant to have examples of what to live like in an era where real men are scarce and rare? Are there any more out there, whether past or present, that we can glean knowledge and wisdom from?


Sexual Purity

How are men meant to handle our sexuality in a culture where it is considered a part of our core identity and where temptations lie around every corner at all times? Are we meant to lie down and take the assault on God’s marriage gift, or defend and protect it at all costs, uplifting and assisting others who do the same?



How are we meant to handle apologetics in a Postmodern, secular, humanistic world that values feelings above truth, and how do we talk to a Non Christian about Jesus in the 21st century?


Christian Living

What does it mean to live life as a Christian man, handling the everyday joys and struggles that life throws at us, such as marriage, kids, family, pornography, purpose, and adventure?